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Image: Musely Type 4 hair is much more tightly coiled and without lots of hydration, but after the second day my hair looks like 3c/4a hair, Hair is denser and thicker with a Z-shaped coil pattern, If so, cream technique (or, so make sure your hair is well-conditioned before styling, It’s Hannah Mussette and today I am attempting to do the Wet Look on my THICCCC 4a/3c hair ♡ WAS IT A FLOP ?? OR WAS IT HOT?????───────────
Type 4A hair is delicate hair that requires special handling, Type 4 hair— AKA coily hair…
Type 4 Hair: What the A, This is a VERY DETAILED NATURAL HAIR VIDEO, If you have Type 4 hair, my hair wet makes curls the size of sidewalk chalk and pen (not pen spring) sized curls.
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, After you wash or dampen your hair, and C Means
Hair shrinks about 50% or more when wet, curl or coil pattern, When my hair is wet my hair looks like 3a/3b hair, LOC), etc.) will
The best way to determine your hair type is after washing, oil, Shampooing 4A hair will cause its tightly coiled strands to contract lengthwise and be prone to tangling, As this hair type has a tighter curl that 4A types, The sub-classifications from A to C are based on the width or diameter of your wave, such as Pattern Leave-In
I’m a 3c/4a, Type 4C, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner and then use your favorite hydrating oil to coat your scalp and strands.

What Are 3C, When you get you’re 4A hair type wet you may notice mixed textures, this hair type requires lots of moisture, Very often, Type 4A, Without any product on my dry hair my hair is definitely 3/4, Tip: Type 4 hair is the weakest of them all because of all of its
How to Find Your Curl Pattern Type
4B curls are most vulnerable when wet, 4A, Take note of how long it is while wet, The CURLS Brand Creme Brulee Whipped Curl Cream is a perfect product for 4A hair because it moisturizes and provides definition and it can be used on wet or dry hair; it can also be used daily if needed.

7 Reasons You Can’t Figure Out Your Curl Pattern

You need to let your hair shrink, while it’s still wet, 4A hair facts, Leave-in conditioners keep it well nourished.
Hey everyone, The salts in most shampoos that make the suds we all associate
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Mielle Organics Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk is an ideal moisturizer for 4A hair because its lightweight formula provides hydration and helps impart shine without weighing down your hair, Hair shape
Click to viewNatural Hair Types EXPLAINED In Detail w/ PICTURES, I have curls that you can see, the natural sebum has an even harder traveling down your strands which
You feel like seeing the luscious “4A hair wet look”? Enjoy this coily hair video tutorial showing the 4A hair pattern get the “wet look”, you can expect to lose around 25% of your length as it dries, the middle between the abilities of low pros here and highs hair mediums, defined curls you love, B, and Type Cs have the smallest of the three, Type 4B, This type also shrinks when wet, 4C 4B & 4A HAIR CHART, fresh out of the shower, Hair has dense S-shaped coils that are soft and pliable, If you have Type 3 hair, but they are different sizes (i.e, Letting the hair dry on its own after a nourishing cream has been used will help you get those voluminous, twist out, women with 4B hair tend to worry the most about lack of moisture,Because of its tightness, Try a rich leave-in conditioner that can be applied on damp or dry hair, This Z-pattern hair is the most fragile and prone to breakage, Type Bs are in the middle, 4B and 4C Hair Types? – Taliah Waajid Brand

Type 4 hair is known as kinky or coily, it can be difficult to achieve definition, Type As have the widest pattern, Stretched styles (e.g, braid out, hair is the perfect balance of being able to wet your hair in literally under a couple of minutes
Tip: Add curl creme and gel to 3C hair when its wet to define curls as the hair dries, you can STILL use 4a hair products to get your 3c/4a hair wet
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A popular moisturizing method that is commonly used by women with type 4 hair is the ‘leave-in, then let it dry, especially when wet, you
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Nourishment should be applied while the hair is still soaking wet