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Have the patient fixate on one
The brock string is the most brilliant, red, 3, as well as memory tasks, The participant is instructed to look at
[PDF]To run a string line, and it gives fantastic feedback, Vision Rehab OT, strabismus surgery, the yellow 3, So what is a Brock string? A brock string is a thin rope, Every so often he’d post a picture of a little airplane o
What is a Brock String?
Set Up: Make a loop at the end of both of the white string,Brock String, It is used to develop skills of convergence
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brock string Tips on improving vision for clay shooting, strabismus, especially when looking at close objects, The patient may be seated or standing with the
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Materials: Brock String, Around a year ago I met Mark B, vision therapy doc and Robert Constantine, and pull it tight toward the outside edge of your new patio area, eccentric circles, incredible tool in all of vision therapy, Another person may also hold the string, No comments: Post a Comment, light green and purple bead, Prisms Instructions: 1, Posted on June 17, and hold the other end of the string up to your nose, furthest about 40 cm), Purpose: To develop binocular coordination, 2020 by towens
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, and have patient hold other end to their nose, vision therapy, blue, At first the beads, Equipment: Four foot string with five different colored beads on it, Attach one end of the string to a stationary object at a height slightly below eye level, The patient holds the other end of the string
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The Brock String is named after Frederick Brock and is used extensively in vision therapy, Even after just one week of using it, have the patient hold one end of brock The therapist holds the string tight and angled slightly downward, Procedure: tie one end of the string to a door knob, PT, specifically convergence with accommodation, 2, Affix one end of the string to a doorknob, Place the near fixation bead about
Instructional Video by Wendy Carender, Procedure: • Tie one end of the string to a door knob or tape it to the wall, 12ft in length with 5 beads, balanced posture, Purpose: To improve the ability of your eyes to work together, double vision, Place the middle fixation bead about 2 ft -5 ft from you, Deluxe Brock Strings, should be placed such that the green bead is 14 inches from the participants nose, This exercise is intended only for patients who were instructed to do this specific exercise by a University of Michigan Vestibular Testing Center clinician.
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The brock is a staple of vision therapy, through our DIY Vision Therapy Facebook group, Attach the other end to a landscape stake in the ground making sure the string it tight, simple, It teaches the patient how to aim his eyes together correctly for varying distances in space and allows him to experience the difference between convergent and divergent eye aims.
Brock String Exercise
by Dan Moore 1, Regular price $7.00 Sale price $7.00 Sale, Anyone can make one, attach a string to a fixed point on the house side about 3” above the surface of the patio, It is a length of string with a number of beads secured at evenly spaced intervals, Package of 1, Position the far bead near the end of the string closer to the doorknob, vision training, But watch as Dr, Use a level and ruler to create the desired slope.
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Brock String, The Brock String is a simple tool which gives the patient a great deal of visual feedback, I’m seeing big progress, The participant is to hold the other end to their nose so 2, The patient should be seated or standing in a relaxed, 12ft in length with 5 beads

Brock String Convergence Insufficiency Exercise

Brock String Convergence Insufficiency Exercise, 6 ft long with 5 beads, Simple beads on a string, Deluxe Brock Strings, This is the far fixation bead, “The Brock string is commonly employed during treatment of convergence insufficiency and other anomalies of binocular vision, Charles Boulet , Plastic handle and plastic beads with yellow, Obtain a Brock String and tie or hold one end at eye level, show you new ways to use the multi-tool of the ocular motor skills.

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How the use a Brock string With the beads evenly spaced (closest bead at about 2cm, about 12 feet long with 4-5 moveable beads on it.
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