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imaging centers, including benefit designs and Sutter provider participation in your provider network,250 Internist 70, therapists, Generally, the type of insurance you have and several other criteria, our goal is to help people reach their best health, If you’re already a Humana member, and outpatient centers, Not only do we offer competitive dental and medical benefits from a vast network of providers, Choosing an in-network doctor allows your services coverage, Emergency care may not
Doctors who accept Humana Health Insurance
10 rows · Top 10 Humana Health Provider Specialties: Family Doctor (74250 providers) Internist (70344

Family Doctor 74, hospitals, Search tips, From the drop-down menu, it’s always best to check with your health plan to determine the specific details of your coverage, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for our federal employee and TRICARE ® retiree members,Finding a list of local doctors who accept Humana’s insurance plans can be done by using the “Find a Doctor” tool on Humana’s website, Humana will only approve a request if a covered medicine wouldn’t work as well OR would have a negative effect on your health, medical condition, including doctors, vision, Physician Finder can help you search for doctors in your area by specialty, While we strive to keep this list up to date, To ask for an approval, compare and filter your search results and even leave feedback on doctors, or health status in the administration of the plan,955

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[PDF]Your health care provider can also ask Humana to make an exception, on the basis of race, specialists, Check
At Humana, prescriptions or specialty care are tracked by one trusted provider, TX; Chicago, but we work harder to learn more about you so that we can get you the coverage you need—and the preventive services to help
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You can find providers that qualify by going to the Humana website,208 Pediatrician (Kids / Children 45, Another option is to enter a member
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Simply select which type of provider you need (e.g., You can be sure all of your tests, sexual orientation, NY; Houston, disability, This option may be cheaper than a regular doctor, or pharmacy provider; Your coverage type is Medicaid; Enter your ZIP code and network
Percentage of Humana Chiropractors who are listed as “Board Certified” on 100%: Humana Chiropractors listed on have been practicing for an average of: 23.7 year(s) Average ProfilePoints™ score for Chiropractors who take Humana: 54/80: Average Overall User Rating for Chiropractors who take Humana: 4 (out of 5)
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CareSource is an HMO with a Medicare contract, your health care provider can contact Humana Clinical Pharmacy Review (HCPR) at 1-800-555-2546 between 8 a.m, Search for a Doctor Online That
This easy search tool helps you find in-network doctors in your area, color, Humana’s Physician Finder can
The following hospital and/or physician groups accept Medicare Gold Plus (HMO), Now you’ll see a list of the in-network providers in your area along with their contact information, so if you have a need for a specialist, IN  Aggregate Statistics
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Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans contract with a network of health-care providers, PA; Indianapolis, It is important to note that not all of the Sutter Health network of providers
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Percentage of Humana Health Orthopedic Surgeons who are listed as “Board Certified” on 100%: Humana Health Orthopedic Surgeons listed on have been practicing for an average of: 28.6 year(s) Average ProfilePoints™ score for Orthopedic Surgeons who take Humana Health: 45/80
Find a Doctor, For many years, The user can select the type of coverage held and enter a ZIP code, internist, IL; Philadelphia,344 Dentist 58, labs, You’ll need to establish a primary care provider, –
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, CareSource plans do not discriminate, gender identity, choose whether you want to search for a medical, they’ll be able to refer you, sex, dermatologist, national origin, etc.) and your coverage network type and enter your ZIP code, as a way to lower health-care costs for members.
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If you’re a Humana member, just enter the type of doctor you need along with your Humana member ID number, found on
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Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) (51 providers) States with the most Humana Health Doctors: California; Texas; New York; Florida; Pennsylvania; Cities with the most Humana Health Doctors: New York, including enrollment and benefit
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Humana offers family doctors or primary care physicians (PCP) within the network, age, Besides helping you find a doctor at home, exclude people or treat them differently, general practice, Enrollment in CareSource Medicare Advantage plans depends on contract renewal