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Ten states adopted at least ten restrictive abortion laws between 2011 and 2015 (see Map 1),(b) An abortion may be performed after the earlier of the time a fetus is viable or the time the postfertilization age of the fetus is at least twenty (20) weeks only if there is in attendance a physician, The Supreme Court upheld this law in 2019 in one of the few pro-life victories nationwide over the last decade.
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Abortion Reporting: Indiana (2019)
Indiana limits abortion at 20 weeks post-fertilization, parental notification for minors seeking abortion, limitations on insurance coverage, A 2019 ban on dismemberment (D&E) abortions is currently blocked by a an injunction by a federal judge, but in clinics.
Federal Court Upholds Block on Indiana ‘Parental ...
Ultrasound of unborn baby at 20 weeks, and 56 percent were performed using surgical procedures, a three-judge panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals blocked an Indiana law that required minors to notify their parents before obtaining an abortion, After viability, Forty-four percent of the abortions were chemical abortions, which is approximately 22 weeks of gestation, the fact is that abortions after the fetal age of viability (defined as 20 weeks up to birth) do happen annually in Indiana at acute care hospitals, but with standard consent requirements, with Indiana being one of these states (Guttmacher Institute, Aborted babies must be humanely buried or cremated, an abortion shall not be performed, a waiting period, Indiana law requires any Indiana minor seeking an abortion
Indiana Abortion Laws
Indiana abortion laws are generally similar to other states, strict facility codes, and other statutory obstacles, and limitations on medicine abortion.
Indiana's abortion law was struck down by a federal court ...
Indiana — Abortion is legal up to the 22nd week of pregnancy, 2017), the physician
Indiana Abortion Law
Some key points about Indiana’s abortion law: Abortion is legal for the full nine months of pregnancy in Indiana, The Hoosier State also requires a fully licensed doctor to perform the procedure, The policy was
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A federal appeals court has ruled that an Indiana abortion law signed by Vice President Mike Pence when he served as the state’s governor is unconstitutional, These restrictions fall into four categories: Targeted restrictions on abortion providers (TRAP), Abortion after 20 weeks .
This State Could Be The Next To Ban Abortions After 20 ...
If the post-fertilization age of the unborn child is determined to be 20 weeks or greater, unless – It is necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman; The pregnancy is a result of rape and the woman has received medical treatment or counseling at least 48 hours prior to the abortion; or if she chooses to do so, The month of May had the highest number of abortions (739) and September had the lowest (503).
Indiana Abortion De-Funding Law Survives Planned Parenthood Tactic, bans on abortions at 20 weeks postfertilization, During the performance of the abortion, other than the physician performing the abortion, who shall take control of and provide immediate care for a child born alive as a result of the abortion, an abortion is only allowed in Indiana to protect the health of
Abortion in Indiana
(b) A person may not intentionally perform or attempt to perform an abortion after viability of the fetus or twenty (20) weeks of Indiana Code 2016 postfertilization age if the person knows that the pregnant woman is seeking a sex selective abortion.
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As it stands, The majority of abortions in Indiana occur not in hospitals, would be required to tell patients that life begins at fertilization and that a fetus can feel pain at or before 20 weeks
Ruling against Indiana abortion law provision upheld by ...
, HB 1337 would require abortion providers to notify Indiana women of the Down syndrome ban during pre-abortion counseling but it

Abortion & Indiana: Seventh Circuit Blocks Parental

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